Sibiryakova's Revenue House

107 Kuibyshev street

Architect Georgy Moshkov
Built in 1904

The merchants the Sibiryakovs lived in Dvoryanskaya street (Kuibyshev street now) from the middle of the 1880s. A few years after the death of her husband, Lyubov Sibiryakova decided to expand the building. The reconstruction project was designed by the Samara architect Georgy Moshkov.

Georgy Moshkov did not have an architectural education, and he had no right to be engaged in designing formally. Nevertheless, according to his projects, several dozens houses were built in different styles in Samara. In addition, Moshkov was a well-known developer in the city, engaged in the construction of both private and public buildings.

The architect reconstructed Sibiryakova's revenue house in the Art Nouveau style. The asymmetrical facade of the building with two avant-corps is richly decorated - a vertical ornament with mascarons on pilasters, images of flowers and butterflies framed by windows, wrought-iron fences of balconies. An avant-corps with a wavy form of cornice crowns the original pommel.


«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
  • Performances of street dancers in different styles.
«Three Elms square» field
  • Pleners of artists who paint the monuments of the Art Nouveau.