Hotel «Grand Hotel»

111 Kuybyshev street

Architect Mikhail Kwiatkovsky
Built in 1908-1909

Buildings of hotels are located on this site of the street Dvoryanskaya (translated as noble), Kuibyshev st. now from the late 1850's. They were repeatedly rebuilt, changed the owners, their main function was not changed. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was the hotel "Bolshaya Tsentralnaya"owned by brothers Ivanov, from 1908 - "Grand Hotel" by merchant Nikolai Shemyakin. Today the hotel "Bristol-Zhiguli" works in the monument of architecture.

In 1908 the building was reconstructed according to the project of the Samara architect and artist Mikhail Kwiatkovsky. Eclectic construction has acquired pronounced features of Art Nouveau. The facade and interiors of the hotel are richly decorated in the spirit of the Viennese secession with a lot of stucco elements - sculptures, mascarons, floral ornaments. The abundance of decorative details in the form of flowers is a kind of signature of the architect (the word "kwiat" in Polish means a flower).

In 1909, the Grand Hotel was visited by the great Russian singer Fyodor Shalyapin. According to the memoirs of his contemporaries, the famous bass from the balcony of his room gave an impromptu concert for the audience gathered in the hotels.

In 1941-43, the building housed evacuated from Moscow The French Committee of National Liberation, the staff of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR and the foreign journalistic corps. In December 1941, local newspapers wrote about the brutal fight between American and Japanese journalists in the hotel restaurant. The pretext was the American military base attacked by the Japanese aviation.


«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
  • Performances of street dancers in different styles.
«Three Elms square» field
  • Pleners of artists who paint the monuments of the Art Nouveau.