Peasant's Land Bank

153 Kuibyshev street

Architect Alexander von Hohen
Built in 1909-1912

Petersburg architect Alexander von Hohen designed two buildings of the Peasants' Land Bank - for Samara and Penza simultaneously. Both of them are decided in the style of the Northern Art Nouveau, but differ greatly in composition and decoration. The base of the Samara bank is decorated with Zhiguly limestone, and the roof and pyramid-shaped tower supported by twelve pillars were covered with tiles.

The building of the Peasants' Land Bank is a rare example of Northern Art Nouveau for Samara. Dealing with it von Hohen was inspired by works of Finnish national romanticism - the buildings of Eliel Saarinen and other Scandinavian masters and the composition of the front of the Samara bank refers to the building of the Helsinki telephone company of the architect Lars Sonck.

In 1930, the former building of the Peasants' Land Bank housed the Samara Chemical Technology Institute (now the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Samara State Technical University).


«Museum of Art Nouveau» scene
  • DJs, electronic groups.
«Strukovsky garden» field
  • Performances of artists of street theaters.