The Mansion of
Vladimir von Vakano

3 Shostakovich street

Architect Dmitry Werner
Built in 1914

The founder of the Zhigulevsk brewery Alfred von Vakano lived with his family in the mansion on the territory of the enterprise. In 1914, his eldest son Vladimir built his own house on the Theatre Square with a view of the Volga, the city theatre and the brewery, the director of which he had been since 1905. The Mansion von Vakano - the last Samara work of the architect Dmitry Werner. Soon he went to Ivashchenkovo (now the town of Chapaevsk) as a chief architect of the Sergievsky Samara plant of explosives under construction..

A three-storey building with a mansard was built in the style of the German Jugendstil. Unlike other Samara works of Werner, the facades of the von Vakano mansion are practically devoid of decor. The first floor is finished with a rough stone, and in the center of the facade there is a bay window with a viewing platform. Vladimir von Vakano did not live long in the new house. In 1915, at the height of the First World War, he was twice detained on suspicion of espionage, and at the end of the year the authorities decided to send Alfred and Vladimir von Vakano to Buzuluk under the open supervision of the police..


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