Grinberg's Revenue House

98 Molodogvardeyskaya street /
53 Nekrasovskaya street

Architect Zelman Kleinerman
Built in 1909-1910

A big Samara homeowner, Solomon Grinberg, bought land in Sobornaya Street (Molodogvardeyskaya) and Predtechenskaya (Nekrasovskaya) in 1906. Apparently, the merchant's plans included the purchase of a corner house, but for some reason it was not possible to do, so Grinberg decided to build a revenue house consisting of two buildings connected inside the block.

The project of a revenue house of Grinberg was designed by a well-known Samara architect Zelman Kleinerman, the author of many buildings, including the building of the choral synagogue in Sadovaya street. The facades of r-shaped plan in terms of the house are consistent in a single style, but different in composition. From Molodogvardeyskaya street the house has a vertical two-level bay window, and from Nekrasovskaya - a balcony in the entire width of the building. The facade is richly decorated with stucco elements in the form of flowers and plants, mascarons and lion's heads, and the most recognizable detail of the house is the female sculptural image on the attic.


«Leningradskaya» scene
  • Academic music, jazz, ethnic music.
«Three Elms square» field
  • Pleners of artists who paint the monuments of the Art Nouveau.