Yurina's Revenue House

56 Leningradskaya street /
89 Chapaevskaya street

Architect Filaret Zasukhin
Built in 1910s

The apartment house at the corner of Chapaevskaya (Nikolayevskaya) and Panskaya (Leningradskaya) streets belonged to the wives of two well-known Samara lawyers - Sofya Yashchenko and Alexandra Yurina. The building was built after 1913. Some researchers attribute this project to the architect Filaret Zasukhin, the author of the Samara Regional Court and the Pushkin People's House (the Palace of Railway Workers). In 1903, Zasukhin was called into military service. Most likely, after ten years he could return to the architectural practice.

The five-storey apartment house, like the Hotel «National», is one of the tallest buildings in Panskaya Street (Leningradskaya). Partially rustic facades are decorated with decorative inserts. From the corner on the building there is a three-story bay window with adjacent open balconies. The house is crowned by two undulating attics.

In the 1930s, the secondary school No.74 was located in the former apartment house, and after WWII the main building of the Kuibyshev Medical Institute (Samara Medical University) moved there.


«Leningradskaya» scene
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