Hotel «National»

91 Frunze street /
37 Leningradskaya street

Architect ?
Built in 1900s

In 1908, the Samara merchant Vasily Suroshnikov bought a two-story hotel building at the corner of Saratov (Frunze) and Panskaya street (Leningradskaya street). After the reconstruction, one of the tallest buildings of Samara appeared here, where the hotel «National» was opened in 1911. The appearance of the building was changed several times, for example, the attic floor was rebuilt, and the dome was replaced by a wave-like attic.

The facades of the hotel are like a layered cake. The first floor is decorated with ceramic tiles «kabanchik», the second is marked with rust, united by pilasters the third and the fourth floors are designed in the spirit of the modernized neo-classics with the diamond-shaped decor in the piers, and the attic smoothly transfers into the arc of the top.

Vasily Suroshnikov was one of the richest merchants of Samara. In addition to the mansion and the country cottage, on projects of which an outstanding Moscow architect Fyodor Shekhtel worked, Samara millionaire was the owner of more than ten revenue houses. He built one of them next door to the hotel «National». Both houses are designed in the Art Nouveau style, have similar dimensions, but completely different in architecture.


«Revolution Square» scene
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«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
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