About project

The Art Nouveau style is one of the most recognizable and vivid directions of the world architecture. It is distinguished by the use of natural forms and images, the absence of straight lines, artistic expressiveness, richness of decoration, and also by materials and construction technologies new to the early twentieth century. The name of the style varies in different countries: in England it is called «Modern Style», in Austria - «Secessionsstil», in Germany - «Jugendstil», in the USA - «Tiffany», in Italy - «Stile Liberty», in Spain - «Modernismo». In Russia, the style has been called «Modern».

Samara has a unique architectural heritage of the Art Nouveau era. Hardly another Russian non-capital city can boast such quality and quantity of preserved objects. Together they form a true Art Nouveau sanctuary, which occupies almost the entire historical part of the city. Entrepreneurs of the early twentieth century did not skimp on their houses: the projects of mansions and country estates were developed not only by local, but also by metropolitan architects (at the same time the level of Samara masters was by no means provincial). Among the monuments of the city on Volga you can find works of Fiodor Shekhtel and Fiodor Lidval, Aleksander von Gogen and Dmitrii Verner, Mikhail Kviatkovskii, and Aleksander Zelenko.

In Samara, there are dozens of monuments in the Art Nouveau style. About forty of them can be regarded as the most valuable. For the «Art Nouveau in the Clouds» project, 18 architectural monuments located along the World Cup tourist routes were selected. In the days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, for each object a four-meter helium balloon with image, name and construction year will rise above the buildings. You can also find stands with information near each architectural monument.

Besides, there are six venues with a variety of creative activities. They work on the days of World Cup matches in Samara, and on the day before each match. Three venues are intended for the performance of musical groups, the rest three gather street performers, dancers and artists.

Project authors: architects Dmitrii Khramov and Maria Khramova (The «Artpolis» Urbanistics Workshop). Co-authors: architectural columnist Armen Arutiunov, «Metafest» festival organizers Andrei Kochetkov and Aleksei Esin, associate professor of Samara University Andrei Chernov, musicians Dmitrii Dmitriev and Tatiana Dmitrieva, artists Lilia Lysenkova, Alexei Lysenkov and Irina Pavlova, as well as architect Alexander Varenov.