Saprykin's Mansion

22 Leningradskaya street

Architect ?
Built in 1912-1913

The Samara merchant Grigory Saprykin traded in fish and gastronomic products. His shop at the corner of Panskaya (Leningradskaya) and Troitskaya (Galaktionovskaya) streets offered a wide range of goods at wholesale prices, from fish, ham and Moscow sausages to oils, canned food and exotic fruits. Saprykin decided to build his own mansion in the same Panskaya (Leningradskaya) street, but closer to the Volga river, next to the newly reconstructed building of the post office.

The facade of the Saprykin's mansion is symmetrical. Above the arch of the gate in the center of the building there is a dome-crowned bay window-mezzanine. In the decoration of the facade yellow and green ceramic tiles the so called «kabanchik» are used, in the upper part of the building there are cartouches, and the piers above the balconies are decorated with mascarons. Similar female sculptural images are found on the revenue house of Grinburn, built at the corner of the streets of Samarskaya and Pochtovaya (Rabochaya) in the project of Zelman Kleinerman.


«Revolution Square» scene
  • Rock, funk, jazz, reggae, live electronic music.
«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
  • Performances of street dancers in different styles.