Post office building

82 Kuybyshev street /
24 Leningradskaya street

Architect ?
Built in 1910s

Since 1890 Samara post and telegraph office rented a building from the merchant Novokreschenov. In the beginning of the 1910s the house was reconstructed in the Art Nouveau style, part of the facades were decorated with ceramic tiles the so called "kabanchik" of white and green colours. The entrance group with colored stained-glass windows remotely resembles the works of Belgian architects of the early 20th century. Among other things above the central entrance there was placed a decorative element in the form of a metallic globe. During the years of the Soviet power it was lost. The detail was restored in 2012 but from other materials.

The bas-relief under the globe is a copy of the panel "Industry" of the Brussels sculptor Constantin Meunier. The relief depicts the incident at the glass factory. Workers take out of the blast furnace a cracked clay pot with a red-hot glass. In Brussels, there are several versions of this work by Meunier - in painting, in bronze and in stone. The latter is part of the sculptural composition "The Monument to Labour", established in the Belgian capital 25 years after the author's death. Copies and variations on the theme of the relief "Industry" can be found in Vienna, Kiev and Samara.


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