144 Frunze street

Architect Mikhail Kwiatkovsky
Built in 1909

The Novokreshchenov merchant's mansion was built in 1909 according to the project of the Samara architect and artist Mikhail Kwiatkovsky in the style of the Viennese Secession. The asymmetrical facade of the building with an expressive risalite and bay window above the main entrance is richly decorated. Stucco elements in the form of stems and flower buds literally permeate the second floor of the mansion.

The abundant use of floral ornaments in the decoration of buildings is a characteristic feature of Kwiatkovsky's works, and flowers are a kind of "signature" of the architect (the word "kwiat" in Polish means a flower). Similar details can be found at the former hotel "Grand Hotel" ("Lada"), rebuilt according to the project of Mikhail Kwiatkovsky in 1908-1909.

Not only Novokreschenovs lived in the mansion. For several years the second floor was rented by a well-known merchant and public figure Sergey Permyakov, who from 1914 to 1916 was the mayor of Samara. After the revolution of 1917, the mansion housed communal apartments and various organizations.


«Museum of Art Nouveau» scene
  • DJs, electronic groups.
«Strukovsky garden» field
  • Performances of artists of street theaters.