Shchetinkin's Trade House

67 Molodogvardeyskaya street /
60 Nekrasovskaya street

Architect Yakov Reshetnikov
Built in 1909

In 1869 the merchant Pavel Shchetinkin opened a manufactury in Kazan and a store selling fancy goods and furs. In the 1970s, its branches appeared in Simbirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and Samara. For many years the Shchetinkin's shop worked in the house of a merchant Novokreschenov at the corner of Panskaya (Leningradskaya) and Dvoryanskaya (Kuibyshev) streets, the rest of which was occupied by the post office. In 1909 the merchant built his own building at the corner of the streets of Predtechenskaya (Nekrasovskaya) and Sobornaya (Molodogvardeyskaya).

The project of the Shchetinkin's Trading House was carried out by Yakov Reshetnikov, a Samara construction technician who did not have an architectural education. Two years later, the provincial architects achieved the decision that the Senate banned him from engaging in architectural practice.

The two-storey building of the Schetinkin's Trade House is made in the Art Nouveau style. In the corner part there was a bay window, which ended with a helmet-shaped dome. The facades of the house are decorated with white ceramic tile the so called «kabanchik» (small boar), as well as blue and pearly majolica. In the early 1930's the building was built on three floors according to the project of Seraphim Efremov. The architect tried to connect the new volume with the existing facades - the bay window was extended to the full height, and at the level of the fourth floor the blue tiles were laid out in a tone of pre-revolutionary.


«Leningradskaya» scene
  • Academic music, jazz, ethnic music.
«Three Elms square» field
  • Pleners of artists who paint the monuments of the Art Nouveau.