Novotroitsky Trade building

57 Molodogvardeyskaya street

Architect Dmitry Werner
Built in 1912

The construction of the city shopping areas in Samara was conceived at the end of the XIX century, but the provincial authorities did not support this initiative. The idea was not returned to until 1908. The city architect Fyodor Chernomorchenko designed the building in the style of the mansions he had built on the opposite side of Sobornaya Street (Molodogvardeyskaya now). This project was considered cumbersome, in addition, it violated the existing regulations. In 1910, Chernomorkhenko was dismissed with a scandal, and the architect Dmitry Werner, who took his place, presented his own project of trade buildings.

Werner reduced the volume of the building. On the first floor there were 12 shops with separate entrances, in the basement there were storage rooms, and the second floor was intended for offices. The architecture of the Novotroitsky trade building is strict and concise. In the decoration of the facade the white glazed bricks and ceramic tiles the so called «kabanchik» are used.

Large showcases emphasize the functionality of the first floor and provide good lighting for retail space. Above the main entrance, on the top floor there is a large window with a balcony. At the very top of the facade, there was the coat of arms of Samara made of cement. The forged balcony fencing is made according to Werner's drawings. Over the entrances leading to the offices of the second floor, the metal canopies hung.

In the late 1930s in the Novotroitsk commercial building it was decided to open a store «Detsky Mir» («Child's World»), and in the 1960s the department store here was called «Youth». This is one of the few buildings that have retained their original function to the present day.


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