Permyakova's Trade House

70 Molodogvardeyskaya street

Architect Alexander Zelenko
Built in 1901

In 1882, business owner Alexandra Permyakova founded in Kazan the Association of Manufactory Trade «A.N. Permyakova's sons». The company's branches were established in Syzran, Simbirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara. After the death of Permyakova in 1902, her sons conducted the business. One of them, Sergei Permyakov, was known in the city as a political and public figure, he was head of the Samara Public Museum, and from 1914 to 1916 held the post of the city mayor.

The building of Permyakova's Trading House in Sobornaya Street (Molodogvardeyskaya) was built in 1901 according to the project of the Moscow architect Alexander Zelenko. This is one of Zelenko's last works in Samara. He worked here since 1897, served as a city architect, and in 1900 left for Moscow at the invitation of Fyedor Shekhtel. Zelenko did not break off ties with Samara, in 1903, according to his project, the famous Kurlyna's mansion was built in Saratov Street (Frunze), but he did not return to the city on the Volga.

The building of Permyakova's Trade House is built in the Art Nouveau style with elements of eclecticism. The facade is decorated with stucco plant elements and female mascarons with flowers in hair, and in the cartouche above the balcony a monogram of owners is placed.


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