Nuichev's Revenue House

45 Leningradskaya street

Architect Dmitry Werner
Built in 1911

Buzuluk philistine Alexei Nuichev was well-known in Samara as a construction contractor. He ordered the project of the house in Panskaya (Leningradskaya) Street to the city architect Dmitry Werner, with whom he was connected by business relations.

The house of Nuichev is the most symbolic work of Werner in Samara. The facade of the building is decorated with yellow ceramic tile "kabanchik", and molded elements are solved in the Egyptian style. The stars of David speak about the confession of the master - Nuychev was one of the Samara Jews. Over the hermas with female sculptures in ancient Egyptian headdresses there are stucco elements depicting the winged goddess Isis. The most powerful goddess of Ancient Egypt holds a triangle and a trowel. Some researchers see this as a sign of Nuichev's belonging to the Masons, but most likely Isis hints at the profession of a builder.

The Nuychev family occupied the upper part of the house, and the first floor of the store was rented by the well-known rubber company. Pre-revolutionary advertisment of the partnership with the inscription "Provodnik" can still be seen on the end of the house.


«Leningradskaya» scene
  • Academic music, jazz, ethnic music.
«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
  • Performances of street dancers in different styles.