District Court

60 Kuybyshev street /
39 Ventsek street

Architect Filaret Zasukhin
Built in 1903

The Samara Regional Court opened in the Alekseevskaya Square (the current Revolution Square) in 1870. Both civil and criminal cases were considered. To some extent, the court was also a place of cultural leisure - the residents went to meetings as if to a theatre. Here in 1892-1893 the assistant to attorney-at law Andrey Hardin there worked young Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin). However, as the "leader of the proletariat" later recalled, he did not win a single case during this time.

In 1903, the building of the District Court was reconstructed. The author of the project was the Samara architect Filaret Zasukhin. From Zavodskaya Street (Ventsek) an additional building with a new meeting room and offices was added, and the facades acquired the features of Art Nouveau.

The career of Filaret Zasukhin in Samara began in 1896. For seven years, according to his projects, several dozens of wooden and stone buildings, including the Art Nouveau building, were built. In 1903, the architect was called for active military service.


«Revolution Square» scene
  • Rock, funk, jazz, reggae, live electronic music.
«Leningradskaya / Kuibysheva» field
  • Performances of street dancers in different styles.